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Developer: Yi Zhou
  • Add Marketing Report, which helps you tracking, measuring and analyzing your online marketing campaign. It tells you "What is the current return on investment of your campaigns?", "How much traffic are your campaigns bringing and how many sales? ", and more.
  • Add Geographic Reports by US States and cities. (Additional database package needed)
  • Add Log File Exporting Feature. Now, when you choose any filter, you will have the option to export a smaller log file based on the filter. This is very useful when you are handling huge log files, you can strip off unwanted log information such as hits on gif and jpg files to reduce the log file size and increase the analyzing speed.
  • Add Authenticated Visitors Report.
  • Add more command line options, see unix installation guide for details.
  • Add more search engines, such as Search.ch, www.ilse.nl
Requirements: None
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Price: $129.95
License: Purchase
Version: v3.00
Downloads: 3681
Download 123LogAnalyzer License file 3.00

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Digital Logic Analyzer for Windows turns your PC into a high speed harware logic analyzer which can be used for analyzing and debugging digital electronic circuites. Schwerpunkt: Web Analytics allgemein Budget-Klasse: für mittleres & geringes Budget Kurzbeschreibung: einfacher Loganalyzer Verfügbar: inHouse Unter dem Titel ‘Dashboards’ finden sich alle Eigenschaften, die sich mit der Kennzahlen, der Darstellung der Daten, der Einrichtung von Reports und Dashboards befassen. Clean your hard drive of duplicate file that are wasting space. Currently 3 active coupons MP3 CD Maker from http://www.123loganalyzer.Com1.

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Website visitor report generator.

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The screen ruler by means of which it is possible quickly and with ease to measure in pixels any objects on the screen of the monitor (desktop). Very useful in quick easy calculation, although there should be a background in mechanical engineering otherwise it wont reach your intelligence to come up with the load calculation Many times the dates of the files created are changed somehow but using this file date corrector software those can easily be restored to original one. Not only can you see their IP addresses in the report, but you can also see who own those IP addresses, allowing you to contact the network administrators and report network abuses. Its intuitive interface requires absolutely no technical knowledge whatsoever. So a unique user (with unique IP address) may visit your web site twice and get reported as two visits.

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We are happy to provide permanent License Keys to all freeware or open source programmers, members of non-profit organizations, and students.To request your freeware/nonprofit/student License Key be sent to you by email, simply submit: . © 2018 DonationCoder.Com The reason for this problem is that the log file does not contain enough information for 123LogAnalyzer. 123LogAnalyzer does not, however, allow multiple log files to be in the same archive. This is the biggest discount I could find on the net!!!!

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